Spacco Cooling Tower Industry Co., Ltd.


Customers can find all sorts of cooling tower spare parts and equipment in our warehouse. Spacco products are manufactured in our factory which has high standards and quality human resources who have been trained directly from the original manufacturer.

Supply all kinds of Sparepart

  • FRP fan
  • Aluminum fan
  • Spray nozzle
  • Drift eleminator
  • Motor
  • Hub

Filler Type

Film Type

• Clean Process
• Low Temp < 45

Splash Bar Type

• Dirty Process
• Low Temp < 45

Grid Filler

• Dirty Process
• High Temp > 45 – 90 oC

Spray Nozzle

Flow Rate 3-5 m3/Hr.

Flow Rate 6-10 m3/Hr./Ea.

Drift Eliminator

Model CF 1900

Model DE 200


Diameter 3-40 Ft

Gear Speed Reducer

Fan Stack

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