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Spacco Cooling Tower Industry Co., Ltd.

Business Performance

  • Spacco Cooling Tower Industry Co., Ltd. has a long profile of success in the cooling tower field, making us the go-to choice for industrial entrepreneurs to building and establishment constructors in Thailand.

Thanks to over 30 years of

Spacco Cooling Tower Industry Co., Ltd.’s

service in the business, we are packed with the potential to design and create high-performance cooling towers and systems to suit your businessーwhether for industrial factories, buildings, offices, to large construction projects. At Spacco, our services also include designing, installing, procuring spare parts and equipment, providing maintenance, along to optimizing cooling towers to be working at its full capacity.

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Procuring spare parts and equipment

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Providing maintenance

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Optimizing cooling towers to be working at its full capacity

Because we focus on offering professional, speedy, and honest services to our customers,

we only select quality products that are investment-worthy and will be most productive for you using our expert opinions.

Apart from that, the cooling tower products of Spacco Cooling Tower Industry Co., Ltd. are made from selected fiber glass structure and blades which are efficient, cost-saving, and energy-saving as well.

” We sincerely believe in handing over great cooling towers with excellent quality and effectiveness to our customers. “

Spacco Cooling Tower Industry Co., Ltd.

Why Choose Us

Because of the worthiness of our products’ quality and standards.

Be assured as we have more than 3 decades’ worth of experience in the cooling tower field.

Feel at peace with our spare parts service; here is the place where cooling tower spare parts and equipment are the most well-stocked in Thailand.

Our products not only save your costs but also save energy, thus being friendly towards the environment.

We offer quick turnkey services to take care of your cooling tower.

Speedy service from Spacco’s staff who are ready to serve customers within 24 hours of the enquiry.

Standard & Certificate

Spacco Cooling Tower Industry Co., Ltd. is devoted to enhancing our potential in all aspects while developing our goods and services. We conduct business with good governance to ensure that all operations are carried out to the highest efficiency to fully serve our patrons. The practices at our company has won us rewards and acceptance in the international level as well as standards.

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