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SCF Series

These are Square type F.R.P. (Fiber body with stainless steel or galvanised steel structured) counter flow Cooling Towers. Capacity range from 50 refrigeration tones to 1500 refrigeration tones i.e. from 52.7 kw to 5.27 Mw per one cell and we can join these cells together for higher capacities .

Product Features

  • Energy Saving
  • Low Noise Level
  • Low Drift Loss
  • Quakeproof Design
  • Guaranteed Thermal Performance
  • Space Saver
  • Compact Unit

The Advantage of Counter Flow

1. Since the cooling pad and the water distribution system is closed inside the cooling tower, therefore the water is cleaner than in the cross flow type.
2. The heat ventilated from the cooling tower is not reabsorbed back into the system.
3. Maintenance costs are lower.
4. Foundation works, pipe works, and pump head works are not as complex.

Component Detail

FRP Pultrusion, HDG and Wood Structure (Optional)


SCF Series (Single Cell)


Please contact us for multiple cell foundation in detail

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