Maintenance Service

Spacco’s after-sales services not only strengthen your business’s potential,

but we also apply our expertise to develop your cooling tower systems for the highest efficiency.

Cooling tower designing, manufacturing, and installation services carried out by specialists.

Testing services are also available to provide maintenance within the given period of time.

Apart from Spacco Cooling Tower Industry Co., Ltd.’s recognition to design and install turnkey project cooling towers, we also offer brilliant after-sales services to enhance your business’s competitiveness. We operate on concepts of sincerity, speed, and quality, as follows;

Upgrade / improve/ Re-structure Cooling Tower

Professional consultation services

For customers who would like to increase their production capacity or enhance their cooling tower’s performance, Spacco is ready to plan the operation with customers to seek the perfect improvement plan and enhance the potential to match the greater production capacity as demanded.

Repair and maintenance services are also available for our customer’s cooling towers. We can change wooden structures to stronger, more modern materials for you as well.

Cleaning services, equipment changing services, upgrading services, testing services are also available for

cooling towers of all brands.

Annual maintenance services
  • Change cooling panels
  • Overhaul gears
  • FRP blade repairs
  • Cooling tower cleaning services
  • Mechanical repairs and updates /alignment /vibration analysis
  • Blade balancing
  • Blade coloring
  • Cooling tower and water storage unit cleaning services
  • Annual and general maintenance services

Water quality enhancement

This service enables the water quality within the cooling tower system to be clean, clear, and efficient for the heat ventilation process without any blockages or other common problems.

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